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Интервю с Уил Хънт Empty Интервю с Уил Хънт

Писане  То4ка Пет Окт 08, 2010 8:52 pm

Radio Metal recently conducted an interview with Will Hunt about his various musical projects, including Evanescence. Here are some excerpts:

Radio Metal: What is your actual role in Evanescence? At the beginning, you only played drums during gigs. What’s your role in the band now?

Will Hunt: I’m the drummer, and I can write songs as well. We’ve been in the studio, and I’ve brought in a couple of guitar riffs that have become songs. Lately, in the last few months, there’s been a real band dynamics. It’s kind of a band situation right now.

Radio Metal: Do you have any new information about the release of the album?

Will Hunt: All I can say is that Amy’s a very hard worker. She’s very critical of herself. It’s important to her that the album is up to her expectations first and foremost. She’s gonna take as long as she wants to take doing it. As a fan and a band-member, I wish things were a little quicker, but at the end of the day, I totally respect how she wants to do this. And I understand, because it’s a very important and critical album for Evanescence, so it has to be exactly right. I know why she’s taking her time on it. It will be ready when it’s ready.

Radio Metal: Do you share Amy’s extreme enthusiasm for the new compositions? She describes them as “the best Evanescence compositions since the beginning of the band”. What do you think of the new songs?

Will Hunt: Honestly, I think it’s amazing. I think she’s taken some real big risks. As artists, I think it’s important that we challenge ourselves to find new ground. If you look at any band in history who’s done really well, they continue to reinvent themselves and be relevant. It’s always going to sound like Evanescence, ‘cause it’s Amy Lee singing, but the vehicle for that voice can be different and still be Evanescence. I think people are gonna be pleasantly surprised, because all the really cool elements, the things people love about the Evanescence of the past are still there. But there are new colors in the pattern. There’s a lot of cool new things going on, both electronically and futuristically. I think she’s doing something that’s very special and hasn’t been done before. I’m a supporter, I think it’s killer. It’s really good.
You can read the whole interview at RadioMetal.com

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